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"They were referred to D&A as an organization with the credentials and experience required to examine and confirm the best data & analytics practices required for the D&A group to attain the ranking and status as a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence.

They examined the practices, policies, and procedures of the D&A group. Their examination also included D&A outreach programs, new technologies being employed, and quality. They confirmed those items that met the best practices and standards and offered recommendations/suggestions for practices that were not yet at the required level. They then validated that the changes had been made and that the required levels of performance had been achieved. They also made a number of observations/recommendations as to the strategic direction that the D&A group had defined.

​They are very passionate about the data and analytics field and continues to promote the industry best practices for customer success to both private and public sector organizations and individuals. Their professionalism and dedicated adherence to the high standards required to be named a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence are deeply appreciated."

Deputy Director
State of Indiana

“All of the participants were very positive about the workshop. The structure and approach was spot on. It was paced well with enough of the detail without being overwhelming. It simplified and clarified a number of areas for us that we could take to the next phase - our CFO's words were - 'wow this is very comprehensive' ".


“The workshop provided a venue to bring together a cross functional team to assess the BI requirements, challenges and gaps. The workshop facilities discussions and idea generation around data integrity, data process flows, data governance, best practices, and tool sets. It highlights the importance of creating a customer success BI ecosystem at the enterprise level".

Verizon Wireless

“The Planning Workshop process was critical for our implementation at Astral Media for customer success. It helped clarify the roles and responsibilities, overall structure and defined our key priorities for the first year of activity.” 

BI Manager
Astral Radio

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