BI and Analytics CoE
Best Practices

For a customer-centric BI and Analytics Center of Excellence to be truly effective there are Best Practices to follow. Let us show you how we integrate proven CoE Best Practices from years of experience with our Secret Sauce for Agreement and a unique 12-Step methodology to achieve these goals.

A Proven Approach


Executive Sponsorship

Acknowledge the need, urgency, and willingness for change.


Measure & Communicate
Business Effectiveness

Measure success and recognize the value of improvement and communicate success.


a Guiding Team

Interlock all the Lines of Business. 
A  seat at the table ensures buy in.


Plan for
Organizational Readiness

Think strategically but act tactically in incremental steps.


Immediate Value

Develop a strategic plan with quick wins.

Business Effectiveness

Measure Success and Accelerate Adoption through Self-Service

Measurements of Success

If you can't measure it, you can't prove it. Throughout your BI lifecycle you should measure success and then communicate that success to others. This puts you in front of changing organizational priorities and proves your value.

Community(s) of Practice

Organizations that have a community of people who share a passion and an agreed-upon vision and competency are more successful with BI. Mentoring models, Self-service support, and education achieve successful customers.  

Interlock Business & IT

Best Practice is to Interlock at key points


Guiding Team

BI and Analytics CoE Leadership, LOB Business Leadership, IT Leadership, Data Leadership, etc. interlock by being members of a Guiding Team. Leadership groups come by many different names but the concept remains the same.


Community of Practice(s)

Interlock with the Lines of Business via a Community of Practice. Mentoring models, Support, Services, Offerings, and Education to enable scaling where a small team can support many and institute best practices. Think like a sherpa and teach your users how to fish instead of fishing for them.    


Communicate Success

Interlock with User Groups & Communication Vehicles, both internal and external, to deliver Education, Evangelism, Best Practices, Success Stories, Partner Evangelism, etc. It is important to blow your own horn. 


Measure Success

Interlock with the Guiding Team on a regular cadence to report results, performance, and activities. In turn, receives direction and priorities. This keeps the BI and Analytics CoE on track and delivering timely value to the business.


Strategic Alignment

The Guiding Team interlocks with C levels for corporate alignment and to receive any changing corporate priorities. This drives the undeniable value and ROI of the BI and Analytics CoE


Have stakeholders involved in the planning. Business buy in requires an accountable seat at the table


    A Cross-Functional Guiding Team for Leadership, Alignment, Priorities, Communication, and Accountability 


Design Engagement models that integrate with the Business and act as a resource, best practices, and success “hub” 

Implementation Principals

We follow these principals for Success
BI and Analytics CoE Planning


Be Inclusive and 

Engage cross-functional Teams to achieve alignment and “buy-in”. Roundtable and workshops with business segments ensure alignment in the design process.


your Culture

No two organizations are the same. A collaborative workshop approach enables a design approach that creates a unique model for your organization. 


Consider the
"Art of the Possible"

In the context of your current business initiatives define scope, goals, and prioritization. Be realistic, yet think outside the box. 


Build a
Pragmatic Blueprint

Measure each focal area and prioritize by thinking strategically -  but acting tactically. Achieve Quick Wins and iterative successes.

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