BI and Analytic Customer Success

A Strong Foundation for BI Value and ROI.

In these complex and quickly-changing economic and technological times, we understand the importance of success to customers, both internal and external. A customer centric BICC or Analytic CoE is that strong foundation of value.

Standing out is easy, when you apply our "secret sauce" to success.

We have a unique and proven methodology of gaining consensus and commitment from all parties. We call it our "secret sauce" to success and is used in our workshops.

Organizational obstacles can hold you back.
Overcome these with best practices for success.

According to a study produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology these were some of the measurements of Primary Obstacles to widespread Customer Success.
Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lack of understanding how to use BI and Analytics to improve the business


Lack of management bandwidth due to competing priorities

Lack of skills internally in the line of business

Culture does not encourage sharing of information

Lack of executive sponsorship

Silo's can be huge impediments
to success. Minimize them as much as you can.

Stovepipe implementations can lead to duplications of efforts, a variety of tools used​. This can lead to the risk of NO SINGLE VERSION OF THE TRUTH, a major impediment to Customer Success. 

When there is no sharing of Best Practices or little socialization among your organization or departments, IP Capital can be dispersed​ and impede Customer Success.

Sporadic department by department deployments that are non-aligned with corporate goals can lead to the duplication of efforts. These can be a contributor to the lack of Customer Success for an organization.​

Essential Elements that we incorporate

Measurements of Success

From onboarding to adoption and all thoughout your BI lifecycle you should measure success and then communicate that success to others. This keeps you in front of changing organizational priorities.

Community of Practice

Build a community of people who share a passion and an agreed upon vision and competency. Do this through Low touch, high touch, mentoring, and educational support services to build successful customers. 

Best Practices that we follow


Executive Sponsorship

Acknowledge the need, urgency, and willingness for change.


Measure & Communicate
Business Effectiveness

Measure success and recognize the value of improvement and communicate success.


a Guiding Team

Interlock all the Lines of Business. 
A  seat at the table ensures buy in.


Plan for
Organizational Readiness

Think strategically but act tactically in incremental steps.


Immediate Value

Develop a strategic plan with quick wins.

Interlocks for Success

Your organization might vary but the concept of interlocking and how you achieve this is crucial.


BICC | Analytic CoE Leadership, LOB Business Leadership, IT Leadership, Data Leadership, etc. interlock by being members of a Guiding Team. Leadership groups come by many different names but the concept remains the same.


BICC | Analytic CoE interlocks with the Lines of Business via Support, Services, Offerings, and Education. A Community of Practice enables mentoring and scaling where a small team can supports many and implement best practices. Think like a sherpa and teach your users how to fish instead of fishing for them.    


BICC | Analytic CoE interlocks with User Groups & Communication Vehicles including external ones delivering Education, Evangelism, Best Practices, Success Stories, Partner Evangelism, etc. It is important to blow your own horn. 


BICC | Analytic CoE interlocks with the Guiding Team on a regular cadence to report results, performance, and activities. In turn, it receives direction and priorities. This keeps the BICC | Analytic CoE on track and delivering timely value to the business.


The Guiding Team interlocks with C levels for corporate alignment and to receive any changing corporate priorities. This drives the undeniable value and ROI of the BICC | Analytic CoE. 

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